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Photo of founder Brian Carew-Hopkins

Mind Your Profit was founded as a business coaching service by Brian Carew-Hopkins in 2016. You can learn more about Brian on his personal website.

In August 2020 Mind Your Profit launched business buying and selling advertising and mandate consulting support services.

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Mind Your Profit: Sector of focus: Buyers Perspective

Maybe you have lost your job in the Covid-19 lockdown and now you want to be your own boss.

The question is what business do you buy? Obviously, it needs to be a business you can afford, it would be nice if it was not a headache to run. Most importantly, what types of business won’t get shut down in a 2nd 3rd or 6th wave of COVID-19 lockdowns?

That means you will want to target an essential service to reduce your risk being shut down in future lockdowns. Looking at those business sectors, the grocery sector is expensive and dominated by oligopolies. If you don’t fancy running a hazmat cleaning business, you don’t want the hassle of a transport business, you are not a pharmacist and you can’t afford a drug company – what sectors do you buy?

This is the question.

Newsagencies are a good option because

  • Newsagencies are an essential service – so they won’t get shut down in a lockdown.
  • Newsagencies can retail just about anything – including home office supplies – so they are adaptable.
  • Newsagencies have a strong backbone of sales in essential products and lotteries – an area where sales grow in times of crisis.

Best of all, Newsagencies provide a reliable income for the owner and they are affordable to purchase.

Ahead of Trend

Newsagencies have been somewhat overlooked since the beginning of the digital revolution, and with the decline of newspaper and magazine sales, people have thought that the Newsagency sector is one to avoid. Even if you thought that was the case in 2019, it’s not the case in 2020.

Newsagencies are now a brilliant strategic move to purchase for an owner-manager. That’s one reason why Mind Your Profit is bringing you opportunities to purchase newsagencies.

A Quiet Transformation

In addition to this many newsagencies transformed themselves during the revolution.

As newspapers and magazines have declined…..
Lotteries, gifts, education and home office supplies have taken over.

Mind Your Profit will aim to provide you with the best business report available on newsagencies.

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