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Business Coaching For Tradies


The transition is easier than you think. Tradies are taking up time saving job management tools and transforming their businesses.

There are a multitude of tools available. They fall roughly into two categories. Online booking systems which can be incorporated into a website, and end to end workflow management systems which run as an app on your phone.

The case study below is a true account of how an online booking system incorporated into a website can transform a business. But first, lets look at the second category, the phone apps.

In this category, work flow systems that work as an app on your phone, systems for tradies include ServiceM8, Aroflo, and Simpro. That list is not exhaustive, and if you have a favorite that is not mentioned then tell us in a comment. Each of these have their strengths and weaknesses.

If you don’t know where to start talk to other tradies in your industry and find out what they use, and then get a demo and test it for yourself.

Of those three, ServiceM8 and Simpro have trails you can download and test, and Aroflo has a demo booking service where someone will walk you thorough the application on the phone whilst sharing screens.

For the transition to an online system you need to set aside a bit of time to put your data in, and learn the ropes. If you are quiet now, then now is the time to test and incorporate such a tool into your business so you are better prepared for when times are busy. Most systems are quite cost effective for beginners to use,  and offer great support.

These modern tools are available, built for tradies, and they will transform your business? If you need some advice about how to begin, just book a session with us here, using our simple online booking system!  ; – )



Bob (not his real name), a furniture removalist, had been booking jobs in his paper diary for the last 16 years. Bob had a good system that worked for him. He would write the job in to his diary when it was booked, then circle it when it was confirmed. The phone number and address were right there on the day. It worked.

The problem was nobody else could make a booking except by contacting Bob, and all those names and numbers were spread through the diary pages, so past clients could not be easily contacted when times were quite.  And times were quiet, and tough.

Bobs business coach suggested Bob test an online booking system. This was not hard. A simple website was created with an online booking system, so users could book a job without contacting Bob.

When Bob got phone calls he also added them to the online booking system. Bob had a login and password to the online calendar of the system, and could see the bookings coming in, plus he got an email when a new booking was made.

Before long, another removals company discovered they could easily subcontract work to Bob, by booking jobs directly in the on line booking system. Bobs business began to grow.

This system, combined with Bobs fantastic customer service,  some social media engagement, and some other online enhancements, enabled Bob to go from having his worst month ever, to having is best month ever, in the space of just eight weeks!

The corner stone of this growth was Bobs willingness to embrace these online tools. Combined with Bobs winning attitude, and excellent customer service, it enabled Bob to transform his business.